Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Free Burrito Day at Boojum Fresh Mexican

A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure of being amongst Boojum's first customers. They arrived without so much as a whisper on the Millennium Walk, serving up burritos on the spot and other Mexican fare in keeping with the 'fast casual' style of catering that the US is so familiar with. The emphasis was squarely on fresh ingredients, and everything was made from scratch on the premises (for more info, check out the full review!). Roll on today and they've proven and instant hit with the everyday Dubliner, thanks in no small part I'm sure to yet another well run Facebook advertising campaign. Frozen mojito machines have been added, and in general it's looking like Boojum have established the benchmark for any other stop and go Mexican eatery looking to locate in Dublin's fair city.

That said, I'm pleased to announce that tomorrow, Boojum will be promoting themselves in the best way possible by offering everybody a free burrito. All day long. There's no catch, and you even have a choice between a normal burrito or fajita burrito! Service will begin at noon but at three o'clock there'll be a two hour break for the staff to regroup and tidy. After that, they're open 'til seven so there's plenty of time to stop in. And lets be honest, when there's an offer like this available then you have absolutely no reason not to.

See you all there, and lets do our best to keep the riots at a bare minimum!

Boojum Fresh Mexican
New Millennium Walkway,
Dublin 1

Tph: 01-8788152



  1. ohhhh I'm stuck in work - only 29 mins to go till the burritos are all gone ....

  2. I hope you got one! :-) The line wasn't as big as I expected, and they had live music n' everything! It was a great turnout by the look of things, and most importantly of all the burritos still tasted good despite the rush. ^_^

  3. I went there for the first time last week, really enjoyed the burrito I had. It was the best Ive eaten since living in the Mission district (very mexican) in San Francisco.

  4. Wow Deirdre, I'm surprised since I hear San Fran take their burritos very seriously! Irish versions are never that bad, but I always get the feeling that we're missing out a little by comparison to other places where particular foods are like a religion. And since we might not have travelled there, we end up none the wiser! :-D