Saturday, January 24, 2015

Just a Quick Update

Hi everyone!

Just a quick update; I know it’s been roughly four years since I last posted anything so before I jump back in,  I’d just like to reaffirm that yes, I am alive and (mostly) healthy, and have neither forgotten about this place or how much I enjoy talking/writing/thinking about food. Also eating it, minor detail! I may have tried to forget at times, but thankfully my long suffering partner Rebecca wouldn’t let me.

In the time I’ve been absent, I’ve kept myself busy either cooking or eating out when I can, so all that’s left is to get some posts written and hopefully produce something useful. My focus remains restaurant reviews, but I’ve definitely learned a thing or two extra about cooking in the interim; fingers crossed you may actually get one or two half decent recipes out of it!

So thank you to everyone who’s visited and commented in the meantime, all the nice things you've said mean a lot to me and I promise I’ll be a lot more present going forward. Watch this space, with any luck (and a meal or two to write about) I’ll shortly be of some help in finding you all the best places to eat in Dublin and/or anywhere I go.