Saturday, April 24, 2010

Taste of Ranelagh Festival Preview

I said it at the beginning, in that little 'about me' paragraph to the right and I will say it again: this blog is as much about my own foodie learning experience as it is yours, if indeed those of you who read it have any learning left to do! I make no pretences to being able to cook effortlessly, and I have a long way to go in terms of exploring the rich tapestry of Dublin's epicurean scene. Food festivals, and my lack of attendance therein, fall firmly into the latter shortcoming. With embarrassment, I'll admit I've never actually been to one in Ireland yet! Markets; yes. Events in other countries; a few times. But never one of Dublin's numerous foodie festivals. Why, you ask? Because I never actually took the time to check and see if I could find out when and where they took place.

Fortunately, a lot has changed. Lazy Rob has jumped out of a skyscraper window and what's left is an excited young man, a little bit more up to speed with what's in the pipeline and eagerly awaiting his first food festival experience. Which, coincidentally, is coming up tomorrow.

Yes, it's back to the proverbial restaurant Mecca that is Ranelagh once again! Only on this occasion, they're all coming together for the Taste of Ranelagh Festival. For the first time ever, the combined forces of over fifteen local restaurants, shops and the Ranelagh village market throw what's described as a 'complimentary taste experience', designed to showcase what each of them can do and draw in prospective eaters. There'll be food, drink, cooking demonstrations and a voting competition to select the outright restaurant, dish and cocktail of the year. It's a wonderful collaboration, the best part of which is that it's entirely free!

Considering that Ranelagh village is, on the nicest of weekends, a must visit for any Dublin foodie, the Taste of Ranelagh Festival is an absolute no-brainer. It's also an ideal starter to the eventual main that is the Taste of Dublin Festival. So, if you have the Sunday off and fancy a culinary experience to knock you off your feet then swing by; it's only a Luas journey away.

Taste of Ranelagh Festival
Ranelagh Village Market Marquee,
Ranelagh Village,
Dublin 6


  1. Have to say had a great day. Well worth the visit. Food was great and cocktails delicious. My favourites where Tribecca and Ranelagh House. Well organised and well worth the wait even though the Q's where a little long.
    Pat & family. Dundrum.

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